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Client Case Study: Drone Intelligent Management
Client Case Study Drone Intelligent Management

Client Case Study: Drone Intelligent Management


Note: We take customer confidentiality very seriously. Our customer kindly asked us not to be named in this case study, but approved the content below.

Intelligent Management

The risks and costs associated with asset inspection are significant. Current processes entail ground-based survey teams costs, unnecessary components replacements, the necessity to use manned aircraft and significant risks associated with manual exploration.


Our client provides drone mapping solutions that enable aerial infrastructure inspection from the safety of desktops, intelligent visualization and analytics software for major industries in Australia.

Pain / Challenges

The drone provided high-quality images, but the AI was not reliably able to detect and accurately assess the extent of damages, and thus unable to provide actionable insights to structure managers and engineers.

Solution: Large-scale flying training data for pattern recognition

Drone inspections use ultra-high resolution image capture devices, Lidar, and thermal imaging to gather data. High-quality labeled datasets play a crucial role in fueling these technologies. We manually trained and validated the drone’s model to accurately differentiate rusted parts from normal surfaces, and then detect signs of destructive and active corrosion.


More granular data collected from drone mapping, and around $42,000 additional income as a result of repairs that a manual inspection would have missed.

25% drone assessment are typically completed in half to a quarter of the time of traditional inspections.

S$5.9bn Cumulated estimated cost savings (2020-2050) from the use of drones in infrastructure in Australia, according to a Deloitte Report

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