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Elevating Data Labeling Services...

…with Ethics at Its Core

At SmartOne, we redefine data labeling support services, making them not only easy but ethically responsible. Join the 98% of satisfied customers who return to us for their future AI projects.


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Computer Vision

Get accurate, meaningful and scalable data from your images and videos

Thanks to precise and targeted training, a diverse skillset and proprietary tools, SmartOne accurately and efficiently annotates visual inputs for your computer vision applications

Computer Vision Services

Natural Language Processing

Data labeling services for NLP applications

SmartOne accurately transforms your audio, text document and any integrated text content into high quality training data to power your conversational and intent detection models.

NLP Services

Workforce as a Service

We help accompany the digital transformation of our customers by giving them access to a value-added and elastic workforce

Thanks to expert human service combined with a data-centric approach, SmartOne helps improve your back office management, customer service, and AI applications

WaaS Services

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The SmartOne PTS process

A proven process to empower our clients

SmartOne engages each customer in a comprehensive process that includes
PREP, TEST and SCALE – known internally as PTS


We receive your detailed requirements via our website, analyze your needs and develop a customized project plan which includes workflow and budget.


Within 48 hours, we perform a free POC and provide a precise final workflow, quality metrics, skillset requirements and revert with an accurate quote.


We hire, train and manage your project team to ensure the required accuracy, and set up an effective feedback loop between your team and ours. Our independent quality team makes sure that your dataset meets your goals.


A worldwide footprint

Serving global customers since 2012

Located in the heart of the most innovative areas in terms of data and AI, you will always find a SmartOne contact person close to you and willing to help.

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Together we bring more value than alone

Partnership Strategy

Since 2012, we have implemented a strategy favoring a partnership approach with all the players in our ecosystem in 4 key areas to maximize the value delivered to our customer