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Data Classification and Named Entity Recognition (NER) Services

Data Classification and Named Entity Recognition (NER) Services

Data Classification and Named Entity Recognition (NER) Services – Unlocking Data Insights

At, we offer comprehensive data classification services that empower your organization to extract and organize valuable information from both structured and unstructured data. Our data classification process involves categorizing data based on various criteria, including sentiment analysis, file types, metadata, and project-specific requirements. With our expertise in named entity recognition (NER) and entity extraction, we deliver accurate data annotations to ensure the accurate training of your machine learning needs.

The Power of Named Entity Recognition (NER)

By identifying and classifying entities within text data, such as names of people, organizations, locations, dates, and more, we enhance data understanding and decision-making. Our data annotation techniques ensure precise recognition and extraction of entities, facilitating the data training needs for your NER models.

Data Labeling and Machine Learning for Accurate Classification

Our data labeling expertise is at the core of our data classification process. By leveraging scalable data annotation techniques, we create high-quality labeled datasets, optimizing the accuracy of your classification process. From text annotations to sentiment analysis, our workforce as a service approach ensures robust and reliable data classification results.

  • Unlocking Insights from Unstructured Data

    Unstructured data holds a wealth of valuable insights for your AI models. Through our entity recognition and data classification services, we can help you transform unstructured text data into structured and organized information. Whether it’s emails, social media posts, or customer feedback, we enable you to harness the full potential of all the unstructured data you collect.

  • Empowering Your Data with Entity Annotation

    Entity annotation is the cornerstone of our NER process. Our expert data annotators meticulously label entities in your text data, creating a labeled dataset that serves as the foundation for training your NER model. This iterative process ensures the continuous improvement of your AI model’s accuracy.

  • Token Classification for Precise Entity Identification

    In token classification, we assign entity labels to individual words or tokens within a sentence. This granular approach ensures precise entity identification, leading to more contextually relevant results. Our token classification techniques enhance the accuracy of your NER models and data classification tasks.

  • Semantic Segmentation for Enhanced Classification

    For more complex entity recognition tasks, such as sentiment annotation and sentiment analysis, we can support your requirements with semantic segmentation. By identifying sentiment-bearing entities and classifying them based on sentiment levels, we deliver deeper insights into your customer sentiments and behaviors.

  • Leveraging NER Models for Object Detection and Video Annotation

    Beyond text data, our NER models can be extended to object detection and video annotation tasks. By recognizing and classifying objects or entities in images and videos, we enable applications in various domains, such as autonomous vehicles and surveillance systems.

  • Bringing Order to Unstructured Text Data

    Unstructured text data can be overwhelming, but our data classification and NER services bring order and structure to your textual information. Through precise entity categories and labeling, we make your data more accessible and actionable.

  • Advanced NLP Models for Text Summarization and Sentiment Analysis

    By automatically generating summaries or assessing sentiment in large volumes of text, we provide valuable data insights to support your AI model training needs.

  • Streamlining Classification with the Right Labeling Tools

    Efficient data classification requires the right labeling tools and platforms. At, we have experience with all the leading data labeling software platforms. We are happy to leverage any tools you currently use or happy to make a recommendation when needed.

  • Optimizing Entity Type Recognition with Custom NLP Models

    In cases where specialized entity types are involved, we tailor your NER model training needs to recognize and classify these entities accurately.

  • Enhancing Language Understanding with Multilingual NLP Models

    Do you need multilingual support? Our team can help you training you AI models to support entity recognition and data classification in various languages, enabling you to expand insights and support multiple languages.

  • The Role of Human Annotators in Entity Recognition

    Human annotators play a crucial role in the entity recognition process. They ensure the accuracy and contextuality for all your labeled data needs, providing the necessary data required to feed your machine learning models.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Data with Smart Data Classification’s data classification and NER services empower your organization to uncover hidden insights and make informed decisions. Our scalable Workforce as a Service can scale to meet all your needs, from small experimental projects to platforms supporting millions of users. We can help!

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