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Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Data labeling services for NLP applications

SmartOne accurately transforms your audio, text document and any integrated text content into high quality training data to power your conversational and intent detection models. Our Natural Language Processed services extend from E-commerce relevance tasks to financial specific text detection, customer relationship management and content moderation.

Text Analysis Services

We extract unstructured text from your documents and classify it. Our experienced, multilingual annotators analyze and categorize text based contents with unrivaled levels of precision

Data Entry and Data Extraction Services

Our transcriptionists convert videos, phone calls, interviews, lectures and other data into text files. We can process altered files and files with quality issues such as crosstalk and noisy backgrounds. We manually review the content to ensure its accuracy.

Data entry

We transcribe data from speech to text while analyzing and classifying it. We proofread the end documents for maximum accuracy.

Data extraction

We use data mining tools and techniques to extract keywords, specific data and named entities from unstructured data.

Data Classification and Named Entity Recognition (NER) Services

We provide comprehensive data classification to extract and organize the information that matters to your organization. We classify your structured and unstructured data based on categories, sentiment analysis, file types, metadata, and the project’s overall criteria.

Sentiment Analysis Services

Our analysts identify, quantify and classify different types of behaviors, opinions and sentiments in order to obtain insightful opinion data for brands and companies.

Content Moderation Services

We sort irrelevant and/or inappropriate user-generated content based on your platform’s policy and guidelines. Our annotators have a multilingual and cultural expertise to moderate problematic content and profiles over diverse formats (internal forums, social media..)

Risk Analysis Services

Our analysts assess and qualify risk levels for various applications, including fraud mitigation in the financial sector, maintenance of industrial machinery and risk detection for autonomous vehicles in order to help build models that recognize the situations requiring an intervention and take appropriate decisions.

Why SmartOne?

Save time and scale your operations with high-quality training data

Data-related tasks take up about 80% of the time of a Data Scientist. Data cleaning and labeling alone consume 50% of that time. Even when these processes are outsourced, human in the loop remains time and cost-intensive. By working with our experienced annotators, you’ll save time on your AI development and receive high-quality data.

Create a virtuous cycle of improvement through bias-free and accurate datasets

Human in the loop is at the heart of AI design and is the key to adress AI fairness issues, reduce biases, and obtain accurate datasets. At SmartOne, we believe in continuous learning and in inclusive recruitment. This allows us to provide a more diverse judgement pool when working on your data.

Work with a socially responsible business

Working with us helps make an impact in Madagascar by providing stable job opportunities to young malagasys from disadvantaged backgrounds. SmartOne now employs over 1,000 members of the local community, many of whom have little or no formal education.

of a data scientist’s valuable time is spent sourcing, cleaning, and organizing data
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How we work

SmartOne gives you the quality insurance and the flexibility to scale your data labeling operations

At SmartOne, we believe in the value of human capital, environmental protection, and continuous learning.
By constantly training and supporting our labeling teams, we ensure the quality and integrity of the data we process. All team members are working in-house in our secure facility, which guarantees that their rights are respected and their well-being is prioritized.


A flexible workforce of over 1,000 managed annotators, available 24/7, in a secure production site.


Constant, seamless communication with your project team.


A data-labeling workflow involving an innovative setup and launch process, proprietary set of tools and efficient team.


A half-decade of experience in data labeling and the industry's largest track record

Hiring and Training

Depending on your use cases and needs, SmartOne either taps into its existing pool of experienced Smarters or identifies and onboards specific skills using it's wide academic partner networks. Each worker onboarded is then trained and tested by our HR to make sure they fit the requirements.

Security & Certifications

The security and protection of your data is a key priority. SmartOne has maintained its SOC2 Type 1 certification since March 2020 and is compliant with SOC2 Type 2, GDRP regulation, ISO 27001 and ISO 2859-1.

Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing

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