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Client Case Study: Trying on Makeup Virtually
Client Case Virtual Makeup App

Client Case Study: Trying on Makeup Virtually

Industry tag: COSMETICS

Note: We take customer confidentiality very seriously. Our customer kindly asked us not to be named in this case study, but approved the content below.

Makeup Try-On

To attract the new generation of buyers who grew connected online, and to address the intense competition in the cosmetic industry, beauty brands have been implementing augmented reality in their strategy for a few years.


A beauty brand wanted to enhance its customer experience with a try-on application that overlays makeup on the customer’s face from different angles, giving a true-to-life makeover. This helps consumers be confident that they are buying the right product.

Pain / Challenges

The initial application glitched when the user recorded a video, especially on small parts of the face such as the eyes and mouth corners. It couldn’t properly render complexion accuracy and finishes. It needed face tracking training to smoothly interact with a moving face.

Solution: Face Tracking Algorithm and 3D Rendering Training

We worked on a combination of two algorithms to give a realistic finish to the AR makeup. For the first algorithm, the goal was to enable the model to smoothly track the face landmarks. For the 3D rendering algorithm, it was to create a transparent mask on which the makeup is applied. Our team drew different key points corresponding to the contours of specific facial areas from different angles.


+100 facial points detected in real time

+60% increase in sales

x7 increase in brand engagement

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