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SmartOne Acquires Nadeau Innovations and Appoints Dr. Nicholas Nadeau as Chief Technology Officer
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SmartOne Acquires Nadeau Innovations and Appoints Dr. Nicholas Nadeau as Chief Technology Officer


Montreal, Canada — SmartOne announced today the acquisition of Nadeau Innovations, a consultancy renowned for its work in AI/ML, robotics, and emerging technologies. Dr. Nicholas Nadeau, the founder of Nadeau Innovations, will join SmartOne as their new Chief Technology Officer (CTO), bringing his extensive expertise to drive innovation, product development, and streamline data processes to accelerate positive and impactful AI.

This acquisition marks a significant milestone for SmartOne, establishing its presence in Montreal and North America. With Dr. Nadeau’s leadership, SmartOne is poised to lead in developing AI and data solutions that offer ethical, efficient, and innovative outcomes for businesses and the broader community.

Dr. Nadeau brings to SmartOne a rich background in deploying innovative technology solutions, notably his tenure as CTO at 1X where he led the deployment of humanoid robots, supporting the company’s success in raising over $100M, with contributions from high-profile investors such as OpenAI. His expertise, however, extends beyond this role. Through Nadeau Innovations, Dr. Nadeau delivered his extensive knowledge in AI, hard tech, and robotics as a fractional CTO, supporting dozens of startups.

Renowned for his leadership within the tech community, Dr. Nadeau has been a pivotal figure in the accelerator ecosystem, mentoring startups and executives across various platforms such as Techstars, NextAI, and Creative Destruction Lab. His dedication to fostering growth and innovation has earned him several nominations including Mentor of the Year, reflecting his impact on the tech community at large.

“Joining forces with SmartOne is a natural progression for Nadeau Innovations. Our shared vision to harness the power of AI and data for positive impact aligns perfectly. I am excited to drive forward the innovation and product development efforts at SmartOne, ensuring we deliver cutting-edge solutions that are not only impactful but also ethical and responsible,” said Dr. Nadeau.

“SmartOne’s acquisition of Nadeau Innovations marks a new chapter in our journey to drive positive and impactful AI advancements. Dr. Nadeau’s remarkable track record, mentorship, and leadership in the tech community align perfectly with our vision. We are excited to have him lead our innovation and product development efforts, further establishing SmartOne as a leader in AI, data, and emerging technologies on a global scale,” said Shahysta Hassim, CEO of SmartOne.

SmartOne, with its roots in Madagascar since 2012, has carved a niche in the data labeling and annotation sector, serving a large list of prestigious clientele from startups and research institutes to Global Fortune 500 companies. The company is dedicated to ethical AI, precision in data labeling, and innovation in data science, making it a trusted partner in the AI and tech industry.

About SmartOne

At SmartOne, our mission is crystal clear: to propel our global clientele into the future of the AI/ML revolution with groundbreaking data solutions that combine human insight with cutting-edge technology. Since our inception in 2012, SmartOne has become an industry leader in high-value data labeling, partnering with a diverse range of clients from dynamic startups and major industry players to innovative research institutes and renowned higher education institutions.

SmartOne transforms industries and pioneers advancements in AI by expertly annotating a wide spectrum of data formats, from text and images to videos and audio. We serve as a critical partner for the world’s premier AI teams, enabling them to push the envelope in computer vision, natural language processing, chatbots, and more. Our efforts catalyze the development of AI applications that are not only innovative but also deeply integrated into the fabric of various verticals, making technology more intuitive, reliable, and responsive to human needs.

From our headquarters in Montreal, Canada, SmartOne champions a people-first philosophy, delivering unparalleled annotation services characterized by swiftness, transparency, accuracy, and the utmost respect for data privacy. Our scalable solutions stretch across continents, making our mark in North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, paving the way for a future where technology and humanity converge ethically.

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