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Client Case Study: SURGAR Delivering Augmented Reality for Laparoscopic Surgery
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Client Case Study: SURGAR Delivering Augmented Reality for Laparoscopic Surgery

Industry tag: Healthcare, Medtech

Augmented Reality Surgery

SURGAR (Surgical Augmented Reality) is at the forefront of revolutionizing medical procedures through advanced augmented reality (AR) technology. Founded by computer sciences professor Adrien Bartoli and gynecological surgeon professor Nicolas Bourdel at Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital, SURGAR specializes in developing AR software suites that enhance surgical accuracy and safety.

Their pioneering software suite, leveraging preoperative radiological imaging data, allows for the precise superimposition of virtual information onto a real-time surgical view. This integration significantly aids surgeons by improving precision, reducing complication rates, intervention times, and, subsequently, hospital stays. This groundbreaking technology is in the process of obtaining CE marking and then FDA approval.

“Working with SmartOne has been highly beneficial for SURGAR. Their precise data annotation services, combined with the fluidity of our exchanges and ease of communication, made the collaboration straightforward and efficient. Additionally, SmartOne’s adaptability to our specific needs has positively impacted our development of augmented reality solutions for laparoscopic and robot-assisted surgeries.” – Julie, Data Science Project Manager at SURGAR

SURGAR’s commitment to integrating augmented reality into surgical practices enhances surgical outcomes and sets new standards for the efficiency and safety of medical procedures.


SURGAR pioneered the first Augmented Reality software suite explicitly designed to support and enhance laparoscopic surgery, offering a groundbreaking approach to surgical procedures. Extensive data collection and precise annotation are critical to optimizing and evolving this AR technology. By gathering comprehensive surgical data and refining it through meticulous annotation, SURGAR can enhance the usability of its software solution, ensuring that surgeons receive real-time, data-driven guidance during surgical procedures. This ongoing data enhancement process is pivotal in advancing the capabilities and effectiveness of AR surgical solutions.

Pain / Challenges

Precision is paramount in the high-stakes environment of surgical operations. While minimally invasive, traditional laparoscopic surgeries face challenges related to the surgeon’s field of view and the accuracy of tumour and critical structure identification. SURGAR sought to overcome these limitations by integrating Augmented Reality into the surgical workflow to improve outcomes and surgical precision.

Solution: Computer Vision Data Model Training

Partnering with SURGAR, SmartOne provided high-precision data annotation services tailored to the unique needs of medical AR applications. Our team worked closely with SURGAR to annotate and refine computer vision datasets that train AI models to recognize and highlight anatomical structures accurately in real-time during surgeries.


  • Surgical Optimization: By accurately mapping and displaying anatomical structures, our AR solution reduced surgical time by allowing quicker identification of target areas.
  • Enhanced Surgical Safety: Our technology ensured that critical structures were preserved and tumours were resected entirely, significantly reducing post-operative complications and the need for revision surgeries.
  • Increased Surgical Accuracy:  The AR system projected the inner structures of organs directly on the surgical view, helping surgeons adhere precisely to planned incision lines.



  • Twenty Fold increase in surgical precision
  • Complications rate divided by 2
  • Better tumour resection margins
  • High surgeon satisfaction scores, with a reported increase in confidence during complex procedures



Our collaboration with SURGAR showcases the potential of Augmented Reality to revolutionize medical procedures. By enhancing surgeons’ visual capabilities, we are setting new standards for safety and precision in laparoscopic surgeries. SmartOne remains committed to advancing healthcare technology through innovative data solutions, advancing the capabilities of AI and machine learning in medical technology.

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