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Client Case Study: Product Classification
Client Case Study Product Classification

Client Case Study: Product Classification

Industry tag: ECOMMERCE

Note: We take customer confidentiality very seriously. Our customer kindly asked us not to be named in this case study, but approved the content below.

Product Classification

47% of ecommerce customers give up after only one attempt to find a product. For e-tailers with large inventories, the impact of poor product categorization has an even greater impact on sales. The organization process is costly and time consuming.


For its multiple marketplaces, our client wants to automate product classification with a data classifier to speed up the categorization and product research process and enable an intuitive shopping experience.

Pains / Challenges

With the ever-increasing inventory, maintaining effective products classification is challenging. The difficulty is in training the algorithm to detect subtle category differences, for example, between a desk lamp and a bedside lamp.

Solution: Classifier Model Training

We applied supervised learning to increase automation of products classification, in multiple languages over multiple marketplaces: French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese. Given a targeted product and its informational details, the annotator confirms if the classification is correct. If not, he proposes another category to fit the product based on the client’s category tree.


90% Strong accuracy

20% Reduction of bounce rate

58% Revenue growth

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