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Client Case Study: Interius Farms Revolutionizing Vertical Farming with AI and Robotics
Interius Farms Vertical Farming Robotics

Client Case Study: Interius Farms Revolutionizing Vertical Farming with AI and Robotics

Industry tag: Agriculture, AgTech

AI and Robotics in Vertical Farming

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Interius Farms is pioneering the transformation of agriculture with cutting-edge technology, redefining traditional farming practices. Through a strategic partnership with SmartOne and Osedea, Interius Farms has successfully integrated advanced robotics and AI into their operations, revolutionizing how leafy greens and herbs are grown in vertical farms.

Their state-of-the-art setup includes the Spot robot, which autonomously navigates the farm, performing precise tasks around the clock. This integration allows for accurate data collection and reduces the reliance on manual, error-prone processes, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

Pain / Challenges

Traditional farming practices are resource-intensive, often requiring large amounts of water, land, and manual labor. In the context of vertical farming, the challenge lies in optimizing these resources while maintaining high productivity and sustainability. Interius Farms faced several challenges:

  • Resource Utilization: The need to reduce water and land usage while maximizing crop yield.
  • Operational Efficiency: The reliance on manual labor for routine tasks, which is prone to errors and inefficiencies.
  • Data Collection: The need for accurate and real-time data to make informed decisions on crop management.

Solution: Computer Vision Data Model Training

Interius Farms’ collaboration with SmartOne demonstrates a shared commitment to sustainability. By incorporating robotics, AI, and data analytics, they maximize efficiency while minimizing resource usage. The hydroponic system employed by Interius Farms uses 95% less water and 92% less land than traditional agriculture. Furthermore, the controlled environment and optimized lighting systems drastically reduce energy consumption, positioning their vertical farm as a model of energy efficiency.

The deployment of the Spot robot at Interius Farms, facilitated by SmartOne and Osedea, marks a significant advancement in vertical farming. The integration of robotics, AI, and customized software solutions enhances efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. This partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration and research-driven innovation in pushing the boundaries of AgTech.



  • Efficiency Optimization: The autonomous navigation and task execution by the Spot robot significantly streamline farming operations.
  • Resource Conservation: The hydroponic system conserves water and land, while optimized lighting reduces energy consumption.
  • Precision Agriculture:Accurate data collection and analysis improve crop management and yield prediction.



The collaboration between Interius Farms, SmartOne, and Osedea showcases the potential of AI and robotics to transform agriculture. By adopting hard tech and leveraging the capabilities of robotics and AI, Interius Farms is leading the way toward a more sustainable and efficient future in vertical farming. This partnership not only sets new standards for the industry but also highlights the importance of innovation and sustainability in modern agriculture.

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